Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Our brand-new in 2022 directory, Every Vegan Café, is a resource for anyone who’s committed to vegan deliciousness as well as for those who are just curious as to whether it’s possible to have a full stomach AND enjoy a great meal without any animals. We want to make it easy for you to find the best, professionally-prepared vegan meals.

On the other side of the counter, are business people who could definitely use more publicity after the pain most of us have endured over the past two years. We want to see vegan food establishments thrive and we’ll do everything we can to make our dream a reality.

Enjoy using the resource we’re building for you. Yes, that’s “we’re building” and not “we’ve built”. This will be a ‘work in progress’ for the next few months. If you have any favorite vegan spots that you want to suggest for inclusion, please contact us. We’re especially excited about promoting the very best vegan spots… for reasons that should be obvious.

You can search for someplace new (to you) to eat in a few different ways. Please take your time and explore. As businesses claim their listings, we’ll indicate, on the pages, that they’ve been claimed and the information verified by the business.

Premium listings will stand-out as the business will have the option to fill their listing with photo galleries, videos, a map, any of their social media hyperlinks, and more.

Now, head over to our home page and find a great place for your next meal!

Help Us Make This Resource Even More Valuable

Know a great spot to for delicious, nutritious vegan meals? Tell us about it here & we’ll offer them a free listing for their business.